Welcome to our slightly dysfunctional off-roading family. First, a bit of history: Orange County 4-Play (OC 4-Play) is one of the oldest and longest-running off-road enthusiast clubs in Southern California. Founded back in 1986 by a few like-minded people, Orange County 4-Play is a family-orientated club dedicated to exploring the back-roads, trails and off-the-beaten paths of California and beyond. We've expanded our original charter from strictly off-road events to include expedition camping, geo-cache adventures, and exploring open-use areas and parks. We foster a friendly environment where we help each other both in and outside of club functions.

OC 4-Play is a member of Cal 4Wheel, the club's off-road advocate group, officially known as the California Association of 4WD Clubs (https://cal4wheel.com). Cal 4Wheel helps keep our trails open from both overzealous conservationism as well as state and federal encroachment. Should you choose to join the club, part of your annual dues goes towards Cal 4Wheel; the benefit is that you'll become a full member of that organization too. Additionally, we are also active members of the San Bernardino Forest Service Adopt-A-Trail program ( http://sbnf-adopt-a-trail.com) and sponsor our own trail, commonly known as White Mountain. At least twice a year, as a club we venture out to 3N11 (Wright Mine), 3N11A (Wright Mine Saddle), 3N17 and 3N17A (White Mountain) and remove fallen trees, debris, trash and even illegal camp fire rings, all to promote a positive, responsible "Tread Lightly" face of four wheeling.

Joining the club is simple

Own a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
Attend two monthly club meetings in a 12 month period.
Use your vehicle in two club runs in a 12 month period.
Pay annual member dues and new member fee.


We require that all potential members participate in two monthly meetings (you'll find the meeting dates and location on our Facebook page). After all, we want to get to know you, and I'm sure you'll want to know what you've gotten yourself into!


You need to participate in two official OC 4Play trail runs. Once on the run, we respectfully request that you follow the direction of your run leader (AKA Trail Boss), respect the trail, take all trash out with you, and do not consume alcohol before or while on the run (this include any lunch breaks). We understand that it may take more than two runs for someone to decide if they want to commit to the club, and we completely understand that. However, we do ask that you limit uncommitted runs to four (4) club runs total. My guess is, if you can't decide after four runs, then OC 4Play is likely not for you.

Meeting Location

Our meetings are held at 7 PM on the second Wednesday of each month. There is no meeting in December.
All guests and members shall support Magic Mike's Pizza. Purchase your food at 6:00 PM prior to the meeting.

  • Magic Mike's Pizza

    6152 Garden Grove Blvd.
    Westminster, CA 92683
    (714) 898-0211


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